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Named for the ancient philosophy of Epicureanism which regarded the height of happiness as finding tranquility, the freedom from fear, and the absence of pain, the kitchenware manufacturer Epicurean is designed to help you find tranquility in the kitchen.

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Epicurean Non-Slip Series Cutting Board, Natural with Brown Feet
Epicurean Non-Slip Series Cutting Board, Natural with Brown Feet
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Epicurean got its start manufacturing cutting boards, where it still uses innovative designs to help produce the highest quality products from sustainable, recycled materials. Founded in 2003 by custom skate park manufacturer TrueRide, Epicurean’s first cutting boards were made as a solution for excess wood from skateboard surfaces that would otherwise go to waste. Thus, Epicurean wooden cutting boards are tough, durable, and withstand the most rigorous kitchen use you throw at them. Epicurean also manufactures an Eco Plastic line of products, including cutting boards, that are made from 100% recycled milk jugs, providing a stylish environmentally friendly solution that reduces landfill waste.

In addition to a wide variety of cutting boards, Epicurean also sells a number of kitchen serving and other accessories. Epicurean pizza peels will help you cook the perfect pizza, sliding it in and out of the baking oven with ease. The espresso plates from Epicurean will help you serve your guests the perfect post-dinner digestif as it contains an insert cup caddy to prevents spills, as well as a small side tray that is the perfect size for a cookie, tea cake, scone, or other pastry delight. The Epicurean cocktail plate is the perfect accessory for an evening party, with a hole that perfectly fits the stem of a cocktail glass and wide plate for your favorite hors d’oeuvres.

Epicurean wooden kitchen utensils are crafted from the same sustainable wood composite material as their high quality cutting boards. You will find wooden spoons, stirrers, and spatulas that, unlike traditional wooden utensils, are dishwasher safe and temperature resistant. Most of the Epicurean wooden kitchen utensils are National Sustainable Forest Certified.

Finally, Epicurean offers kitchen knife storage options for whatever size kitchen you have. If you have the counter space, Epicurean knife blocks will provide you with a stylish organizational tool for your favorite kitchen knife collection. An Epicurean standing knife rack provides a similar service, but saves space with its narrow footprint. If you do not have the counters space to spare, consider an Epicurean magnetic knife holder or a wall mounted knife holder to keep your knives safely out of the way during normal kitchen activities.

Throughout its entire manufacturing process, Epicurean seeks to help the rest of the world achieve that perfect state of tranquility and absence of pain by keeping a close eye on the natural balance of the world. Epicurean designs long lasting cooking equipment using sustainable, environmentally friendly materials, including recycled plastic, paper, and other fibers. Their facilities are designed to environmentally friendly architectural standards, and their employees participate in annual Tree Planting Days to promote the health of the entire world.

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