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Shun Ken Onion Deluxe Knives and Block Set, 11 Pc.
Shun Ken Onion Deluxe Knives and Block Set, 11 Pc.

Shun Ken Onion Deluxe Knives and Block Set, 11 Pc.

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The Shun Ken Onion 11 Piece Deluxe Block Set is a gorgeous, laminated bamboo block generously filled with knives for nearly any occasion, long and short, straight and serrated. This set includes a 3 Paring Knife, a 4 Chef s Knife, a 5 Serrated Utility Knife, a 5 Boning Fillet Knife, a 6 Chef s Knife, a 7 Hollow Ground Santoku, an 8 Chef s Knife, a 9 Bread Knife, a Honing Steel, and Kitchen Shears, housed within a 10-slot bamboo block for safe storage and easy access.

The short and sharp Shun Ken Onion 3 Paring Knife is the perfect choice for any peeling, paring, coring, decorating and trimming tasks, and excels at chopping and mincing smaller foods such as garlic and shallots. This 3 blade offers the exacting precision required for the most detailed of prep work. When you need a length fall between that of a paring knife and that of a chef s knife, the blade of the Shun Ken Onion 5 Utility Knife offers a narrow and straight 5-inch edge for small- and medium-sized tasks. Trim small and medium fruit and vegetables like tomatoes, broccoli and green beans with this knife, which also proves handy when slicing up meats and cheeses.

This set includes three different sizes of the Shun Ken Onion Chef s knife: 4-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch, for wide-bladed versatility with tasks small, medium and large. Each of these knives offers a blade with a slightly deeper belly curve than a standard chef s knife, making for the easiest of rocking motions for fine mincing of herbs, garlic, vegetables and more. The wide blade keeps your knuckles far from the cutting board. The multi-functional, all-purpose design of these blades allows them to easily handle chopping, slicing, mincing and dicing of vegetables, fruits, herbs, meats, and more.

The Shun Ken Onion 7 Hollow Ground Santoku is very much a Japanese-style chef s knife, excelling at mincing, slicing, chopping and dicing fish, meats and vegetables. This hollow-ground blade features indentations that prevent food from sticking to the blade by creating air pockets between food and blade during use. For large kitchen tasks that need a serrated blade, the elegant and long Shun Ken Onion 9 Bread Knife is at your disposal. The blades wide, low-frequency serrations are ideal when you need to slice up tough-rinded vegetables and thick-crusted bread without crushing, ripping or tearing.

The Kitchen Shears take care of opening packages, snipping herbs, and cutting flowers. These shears unhinge for easy cleaning. The Shun Ken Onion 11 Piece Deluxe Block Set finishes off its selection with a honing steel to keep your blades at their very sharpest. Edges become misaligned with normal use, so honing them periodically gently will re-center the edge to keep them performing like new. Lastly, the set includes a lovely, 10-slot laminated bamboo block to keep all these fine blades safe and organized.

Displaying dramatic curves optimized for power, performance and ease, the knives of the Shun Ken Onion 11 Piece Deluxe Block Set provide the ultimate experience in cutting. Every blade consists of a strong VG10 steel core with sixteen layers of SUS410/SUS431 stainless steel supporting each side of the core. The Kasumi process of knife-making results in a blade that easily glides through foods and produces a lovely rippled effect across the blade called suminigashi, or ink pattern. These razor-sharp blades offer impressive edge retention and feature a full tang for exceptional strength and balance.

The Shun Ken Onion series integrates several innovative designs that offer both reduced strain and ultimate control. The handles arc along the curve of your palm, while each bolster to extend at an angle along the back of the spine. Stunning beauty merges with these enhancements, encouraging a professional pinch grip while cutting for tension relief and power whether wielded left- or right-handed. 

Assembled from Shun s PakkaWood, a resin-treated hardwood, Shun Ken Onion handles are a deep ebony black, sanded and buffed to a high-gloss surface for moisture resistance and outstanding durability. Shun cutlery should be hand-washed for better edge retention.

For three generations, the KAI corporation has been crafting premium cutlery in Seki City, Japan. The Shun Ken Onion 11 Piece Deluxe Block Set carries a limited lifetime warranty and complimentary lifetime sharpening service provided by Shun.

  • Paring Knife 3"
  • Chef's Knife 4.5"
  • Serrated Utility Knife 5"
  • Boning/Fillet Knife 5.5"
  • Chef's Knife 6"
  • H.G. Santoku 7"
  • Slicing Knife 10"
  • Bread Knife 9"
  • Honing Steel
  • Kitchen Shears
  • 10-Slot Bamboo Block
  • Shun Ken Onion Series
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