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Shun Classic Gourmet Knives and Block Set, 9 Pc.
Shun Classic Gourmet Knives and Block Set, 9 Pc.

Shun Classic Gourmet Knives and Block Set, 9 Pc.

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The Shun Classic 9 Piece Gourmet Block Set provides a well-rounded selection of kitchen accessories stored within a handsome, laminated bamboo block. Comprised of a 2.5 Bird s Beak Paring Knife, a 3.5 Paring Knife, a 6 Utility Knife, an 8 Chef s Knife, a 9 Hollow-Ground Slicing Knife, a 9 Bread Knife, a pair of Kitchen Shears, and a Honing Steel, this set provides a lovely assortment and an 11-slot knife block to keep them all safely housed.

For detailed work, the compact Shun Classic 3.5 Paring Knife and the rounded Shun Classic 2.5 Bird s Beak Paring Knife are at your disposal.  The 3.5 Paring Knife is the perfect choice for exacting precision for the most detailed of tasks, in addition to chopping and mincing smaller foods such as garlic. The 2.5 Bird s Beak Paring Knife is perfect for decorative cuts as well as peeling and shaping rounded fruits and vegetables. Create radish rosettes and fluted mushrooms with ease with the help of this this petite, tournée-style blade.

Offering a narrow and straight design, the blade of the Shun Classic 6 Utility Knife deftly handles medium cutting tasks, with a length falling between a paring knife and a chef s knife. Use this versatile blade for trimming small and medium vegetables such as broccoli and green beans. Perfect for meats, cheeses, and a variety of fruits and vegetables, this knife proves handy when putting sandwiches together as well.

When longer blades are needed, three blades answer the call. The Shun Classic 8 Chef s knife is the quintessential multi-purpose knife, excelling at slicing, chopping, dicing and mincing all kinds of medium and large-sized foods. The wide blade keeps your knuckles safely away from the cutting board while preparing fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats and more. The curved edge rocks easily when chopping herbs, garlic, and smaller vegetables into a fine mince. The 8 Chef s knife is among the most popular of blades in terms of both size and style. For large kitchen tasks that require a serrated blade, the long, elegant Shun Classic 9 Bread Knife features wide, low-frequency serrations to best handle tough-crusted bread and thick-rinded vegetables without crushing, ripping or tearing. With its length and serrations, the Shun Classic 9 Bread Knife readily manages large loaves, tall sandwiches, and even winter squash. The long, narrow blade of the Shun Classic 9 Hollow Ground Slicer cuts cleanly and allows more juices and flavor to remain within the meat, whether slicing thick and meaty or paper thin. Hollow-ground indentations assist the blade in gliding more smoothly through meats and prevent food from sticking to the blade while slicing and carving. Reach for this fine blade to carve roast beef, turkey, even salmon, it presents the perfect companion to a holiday feast or large family meal.

The Kitchen Shears readily assist with opening packages, snipping herbs, and cutting flowers. Cleaning is easy as this pair of shears also unhinge. To keep these fine edges at their very sharpest, the Shun Classic 9 Piece Gourmet Block Set tops off its offerings with a 9 honing steel. With normal use, your blades edges become mis-aligned, so honing them periodically will gently re-center edges to feel like new. Lastly, the beautiful, 11-slot laminated bamboo block stores this cutlery safely and securely, with 3 open slots to accommodate expansion.

Shun Classic blades each start with an extraordinarily hard core of VG10 steel and are reinforced with a total of 32 layers of supporting SUS410/SUS431 steel - sixteen layers of Damascus cladding on each side. Utilizing the traditional Japanese Kasumi method of knife-making, this process results in superbly strong and sharp edges and allows blades to slice and glide more easily through foods during use. The method also leaves a lovely visual effect along the blade known as suminigashi or ink pattern. With razor-sharp edges and full tangs, the blades of the Shun Classic 9 Piece Gourmet Block Set each deliver superb strength and balance in addition to splendid performance and edge retention.

Shun s Pakkawood handles combine the strength of polymer plastic with the natural beauty of wood in their resin-treated hardwood construction that pleases the eye as readily as it exhibits superior durability. Sanded and buffed to a hard, shiny finish, each ebony-black handle resists moisture while the unusual D-shape offers a comfortable and secure grip within your hand. For the best edge retention, hand-wash Shun Cutlery.

The KAI corporation has crafted top-notch cutlery in Seki City, Japan for three generations. The Shun Classic 9 Piece Gourmet Block Set carries a limited lifetime warranty as well as complimentary lifetime sharpening services provided by Shun.

  • Shun Classic Series
  • 2.5” Bird’s Beak Paring Knife
  • 3.5” Paring Knife
  • 6” Utility Knife
  • 8” Chef’s Knife
  • 9” Hollow-Ground Slicing Knife
  • 9” Bread Knife
  • Kitchen Shears
  • Honing Steel
  • 11-Slot Knife Block
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