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Tea & Water Kettles

After water, tea is the world’s most widely consumed beverage. There are as many varieties of tea and customs surrounding the drinking of tea as there are cultures in the world. Tea plays an important role in the lives of many people, and here you will find a great selection of quality tea and water kettles.


Kettles have a long history stretching all the way back to ancient Mesopotamia cultures. They were used by travelers to boil fresh water to ensure it was safe to drink. Nowadays, many kettles are designed for stovetop use or feature electric heating mechanisms. Many tea kettles feature a mechanism for alerting the user when the water is boiling. These whistling kettles let out a high-pitch vibration as steam escapes from the boiling chamber. This lets you know that the water is ready for the next step, be it pouring directly into your tea cup or some other application.

After boiling the water in a tea kettle, some tea cultures call for the boiling water to be poured into a separate teapot for serving. Teapots can be used for steeping tea leaves or tea bags, and they are often used to produce infusion style tea. In the case of steeping loose leaf tea, you may be interested in purchasing a tea pot that has a strainer, which prevents the leaves from being poured into the teacup. In some tea cultures, such as British tea culture, a cloth tea cosy (or cozy) is often placed over the teapot to insulate the pot.

When purchasing a tea kettle, take into account whether you want a stovetop kettle, an electric kettle, or a kettle capable of being used over an open campfire. Another important factor when choosing a kettle is what tea culture you partake in or plan to serve to. Each variety of tea has its own optimal seeping point, so you may want to do a bit research when investigating tea kettles and tea pots.

Whether you are holding a very special tea party or just prefer a cup of tea in the afternoon, the tea kettles on Chef Pro Knives will allow you to make it just how you like it.

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