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Wusthof Silverpoint II Block Set, 10 Pc.
Wusthof Silverpoint II Block Set, 10 Pc.

Wusthof Silverpoint II Block Set, 10 Pc.

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The Wüsthof Silverpoint II 10 Piece Block Set furnishes your kitchen with the well-rounded essentials Comprised of a 3 Flat Cut Paring Knife (4013), a 3 Spear Point Paring Knife (4023), a 3 Clip Point Paring Knife (4043), a 4.5 Utility Knife (4051),a 5 Serrated Brunch Knife, an 8 Bread Knife (4141), an 8 Cook s Knife (4561/20), a 9 Sharpening Steel (4461/23), and Kitchen Shears (5558-1) housed within a 13-Slot Block (2263), this ample set offers the right knife for nearly any occasion.

For jobs requiring close control, three Wüsthof Silverpoint II paring knives are at your fingertips:  The 3 Flat Cut Parer, the 3 Spear Point Parer, and the 3 Clip Point Parer. Each of these excels at peeling, cleaning, mincing, paring and dicing, but each has its own specialties as well.  The 3 Flat Cut Paring Knife offers exacting control for mincing and cutting that benefits from a flat, straight edge for accuracy. The tapered blade of the 3 Spear Point Paring Knife is ideal for meticulous cutting and cleaning for fruits and vegetables. The pointed tip of the 3 Clip Point Parer grants the extra precision for intricate cuts and details.

When you need a little more length, choose between the 4.5 Utility Knife and the 5 Serrated Brunch Knife. The Wüsthof Silverpoint II 4.5 Utility knife is shaped much like a paring knife, but is longer to better handle larger vegetables & fruit, as well as small cuts of meat.  The Wüsthof Silverpoint II 5 Serrated Brunch Knife is ideal with bread, ripe tomatoes, salami, bagels, and more. Its rounded tip excels with spreading duties, making this knife perfect for sandwiches.

For the largest cutting duties, two fundamental knives answer the call: the Wüsthof Silverpoint II 8 Bread Knife and the Wüsthof Silverpoint II 8 Cook s Knife. The 8 Bread Knife is the knife for the job whenever a long, serrated edge is called for.  Use it with confidence on large, crusty loaves and big sandwiches. The serrated edge cuts through tough skins and thick rinds as well, and even makes a great cake cutter.

The 8 Cook s Knife makes slicing, mincing, dicing and chopping any food virtually effortless. The front section of this multi-function knife handles detailed jobs well, while the rest of the 8 blade excels with larger cutting and chopping tasks. Use this essential chef s aide with confidence for vegetables, fruits, meats and herbs.

Kitchen Shears lends a hand with miscellaneous kitchen tasks, such as cutting flowers or fins, snipping fresh herbs, and releasing foods from twine and packaging. The handle features a convenient bone crusher that can assist with stubborn jar lids. These shears offer easy disassembly for cleaning with their come apart design.

To keep all these fine blades performing at their best, the Wüsthof Silverpoint II 10 Piece Block Set includes a 9 Sharpening Steel, for sharpening blades up to 9 in length. Finally, a handsome 13-Slot hardwood block houses these fine instruments, with 4 slots left open to accommodate other knives, such as steak knives.

If you are interested in a similar set that includes steak knives, the Wüsthof Silverpoint II 14 Piece Block Set (1577) offers the same blades and accessories featured here, but adds 4 steak knives to complete the set.

Wüsthof Silverpoint II blades are each precision-cut from a single piece of high-carbon steel using advanced laser technology. The blades endure a state-of-the-art grinding and polishing procedure that results in a blade superior in both strength and flexibility, offering a compound angle that tapers bolster-to-tip and spine-to-edge. Laser tested to ensure quality, these knives are outstandingly sharp and retain their edge well. Within their attractive, contemporary look, Silverpoint II knives provide controlled handling and comfortable balance.

The slip-resistant pebble-grain finish of the handles offers a secure grip. Crafted from a durable, synthetic polymer, each ergonomic handle is fastened to its blade and secured with a rivet adorned with the renowned Wüsthof trident.

The cutlery of the Wüsthof Silverpoint II 10 Piece Block Set is made in Solingen, Germany and carries a lifetime guarantee.
  • 3" Flat Cut Paring Knife
  • 3" Spear Point Paring Knife
  • 3" Clip Point Paring Knife
  • 4.5" Utility Knife
  • 5" Serrated Utility Knife
  • 8" Bread Knife
  • 8" Cook's Knife
  • 9" Steel
  • Kitchen Shears
  • 13-Slot Block
  • Wusthof Silverpoint II Series
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